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Lamination  Expert


I'm Lola, from Ukraine, certified lamination teacher. I want to introduce a new fashion for naturalness called lamination.

My product and my work is for both women and men. I help with the choice of eyebrow shape for a bright look with beautiful natural eyelashes. I also work with facial wax, that does not damage the skin. 


What is eyelash and eyebrow lamination? It’s a popular skin care procedure that involves applying a special composition to eyelashes and eyebrows.

As a result, on the surface of the hair is formed the thinnest film, which gives them the desired shape, makes them more beautiful and well-groomed.

For eyebrows: styling and long-term fixation;  for eyelashes: visual lengthening, giving color and the necessary fold.

Lamination is a delicate procedure that nourishes hair from the inside and is the best solution if you want to preserve the natural appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes, improving them.

Waxing: There are currently many methods to remove unwanted hair from the face. Among these we find the facial wax which is one of the most effective and safe ones. This procedure is delicate and simple and does not take much time. It is always better to rely on a specialist - so that he can choose the right material, prepare the skin and properly perform all the procedures without damage. 

Eyebrows lamination: €60

Eyelashes lamination: €60

Eyelashes + eyebrows: €100

Moustache and eyebrow wax: €19

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